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I (we) hereby apply to the apartment described herein on the terms and conditions set forth, and I (we) warrant that all of the representations and information set forth in this application are true and complete and authorize you to verify this information. Any false statements on this application can lead to rejection of the application or immediate termination of the lease. I hereby authorize you or any other agency employed by you to verify the information contained in this application including my references, and to investigate any other statements or other data obtained from me or from any other person relating to my credit, financial responsibility or personal characteristics.  I authorize you to obtain a credit bureau report for this purpose. I further understand a new credit report may be necessary in an attempt to collect a debt and any information obtained will be used for that purpose.

Upon your request, I agree to execute within three (3) days, an apartment lease in the form customarily used by you.  I further agree to pay the first month's rent upon execution of the lease. I acknowledge that this deposit may be forfited in full after 72 hours as damages, if I do not accept occupancy on approval of application.

If this is a joint application, the representations are from each of us.  It is understood that the final approval of this application will be the execution of the Lease by you.